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It may sound hard to believe from where you are today, but you can regain your balance and enjoy your life again (albeit in a “new normal” way). Even better, you can experience post-traumatic growth and recreate your life in a way that it is more enjoyable. This is what many of my friends in the allergy world have done.

In my experience, the overwhelm from the initial diagnosis, allergic reactions, or fear of allergic reactions, and the practical work that needs to be done to managing food allergies effectively are very much intertwined.

I will support you with both in any way that suits you. Some clients sign on for a single session or a few, and then come back at other sticking points. Other clients want to make meaning from the upheaval in their life and choose ongoing support, saving them months or years of anguish (the hard way) and helping them to a calmer, happier life where they or their child is well cared for and allergies are put into perspective (the easy way).

It’s my passion to work with individuals, especially moms, on finding that sweet spot where their child is healthy and safe, but their whole world does not revolve around food allergies. No one wants a diagnosis to define them. You would be amazed at how quickly you can establish a foundation of safety and care and regain that feeling of calm and confidence. (Scroll down for package options.)


Benefits of Coaching:


Calm  Imagine a life where food allergies are handled. They’re a part of your life but just one small piece. Sure, there are times when more needs to be done, but you take this in stride (at least most of the time.)

Confidence  Your child is safely settled in school, preschool, or daycare. You have done your homework. You know what is appropriate to ask for and how to ask for it. You have a good (not perfect) working relationship with teachers, administrators, and caregivers.


Marriage and Partnership  Your spouse or partner is on board. You accept that there are differences in how you manage, but you’ve agreed upon the important, non-negotiable rules. You put time into this relationship because it helps you and your child feel grounded and secure.


Support  You have shared the tremendous toll of food allergies with several others and have at least one close friend, relative or caregiver (day care or sitter) who can pinch hit for you. You can get a massage, visit the hair salon or a friend, work out at the gym, or go to work in peace knowing that your child is cared for. .

Security  There are no guarantees of absolute safety in any endeavor but in terms of your day-to-day allergy management, your bases are covered. You have an emergency care plan for your child, and you know when and how to administer epinephrine (e.g., AUVI-Q, EpiPen). You understand the labeling laws and how to avoid your child’s allergens when purchasing food. You have systems set up in your kitchen for cooking and serving food.


Validation  Despite what others may think or convey, a diagnosis of severe food allergies can be life-changing. It’s can be hard to move on to managing the practical aspects when others in your life have not acknowledged the far-reaching effects of this frightening diagnosis. Everyone’s experience is unique. There are no rolled eyes here. Only compassion and understanding.


Self-care  You sleep now, you exercise. Maybe you journal or meditate. You bond with girlfriends. You have time for yourself whether for reading (in peace), a long bath or shower (alone), and to browse the bookstore. Your hair is cut. Your nails are groomed. Your medical appointments are up to date. You have clothes that fit and that you feel good in. You’re laughing again.

(Scroll down for package options.)


Coaching is for YOU if:

·      You want to make meaning from the diagnosis. Whether as an advocate, volunteer, business owner, or coach, you want to make lemonade from the lemons of this diagnosis. You’re intrigued by the idea of post-traumatic growth and want to explore what’s on the other side of this.


·      You suspect you need a more balanced approach. You see and hear other parents handling allergies differently, and you instinctively know there must be an easier way.


·      You’re overwhelmed. You’re living in fear that your child could die, and worry constantly about how to keep him safe. You feel alone and that no one else really understands.

·      You’re a busy executive or parent and know that you can save months or years of your time by partnering with someone who can focus your attention on the key strategies for safety and food allergy management in your home, your child’s school, and beyond.


·      You understand that getting your child with food allergies safely settled in school may be the most important project you will ever undertake. You want expert help in preparing for this. You want to know what ask for and how to negotiate for your child’s safety and inclusion in schools.


·      You’re a parent, grandparent or individual adult age 18 or over.




Coaching is NOT for you if:

·      Your child is already safe and included at school, and you have a respectful, cordial working relationship with staff.


·      You’re completely comfortable and confident in advocating for your child with friends, relatives, camps, schools, etc.


·      You and your child have adjusted well. Food allergies are just one piece of the puzzle of your life. You know how and when to treat reactions. Childcare, travel, holidays, restaurants, and social events are all handled with relative ease and clear boundaries.


·      You already have a hostile, dysfunctional, or adversarial relationship with your child’s school or your spouse.


·      You are looking for marital counseling or counseling or coaching for your child or teen.


·      You feel hopeless, depressed, angry, anxious or sad much of the time. Please talk to your physician about a referral to a mental health professional. Coaching is not therapy and you may benefit from therapeutic support.


·      You are seeking legal, medical, or mental health advice or treatment for you or any family member (including your partner or your child).




Single Session


This is for you if: You have one specific issue to resolve (e.g., feeling overwhelmed, need help setting up a safe kitchen, child entering preschool and you have a few questions, etc.), or need help getting unstuck in a few small areas.

What’s included: One hour of live coaching/consultation by phone or Skype, email support for one week following the session for additional questions, clarification, or resources (links, downloads, etc.).


Get started here: Secure your spot via PayPal. Email us (link to contact form) with three dates and times (evenings and weekends) when you’re available.

Purchase Single Session

Calm and Confidence: Six session package


This is for you if:
The goal of this package is whatever you choose. Perhaps you need help creating a “new normal” life with food allergies in one particular area or overall. For example, you’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to set up a safe kitchen, read labels, eat at restaurants, get your spouse, friends, or relatives on board, etc. Or you need help working through issues as your child starts preschool, kindergarten or elementary school (or beyond).

Or you may be someone who wants to do more with the diagnosis. Perhaps you want to explore starting a business, writing a book, or becoming a coach yourself. Together, we can explore your interests and options or create a plan for how you can get your unique talents into the world.


What’s included:

Three hours live coaching/consultation via phone or Skype. (Can be scheduled in 30-minute increments.) Unlimited email support for additional questions, clarification, or resources (links, downloads, etc.) through the duration of the package.


100-percent money-back guarantee*

A complimentary copy of my e-book, Ten Things Children with Food Allergies Want You to Know, a guide for caregivers.



Get started here: Secure your spot via PayPal. Email us (link to contact form) with three dates and times (evenings and weekends) when you’re available for your first session.

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One Day Intensive


This is for you if: 

·      You need assistance with a specific issues or multiple issues and would like to get these issues handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.


·      You know what you want to achieve but are not sure how to get there.


·      You are in need of a roadmap to work through certain issues and want to save time and frustration.


·      Your child is entering preschool or school and you want help working through everything your child needs, what you are likely to get in terms of accommodations, how to prepare to negotiate, and most importantly how to work with school officials to maximize your chances of success.


·      You are ready for post-traumatic growth. You want to get back to nurturing your marriage, your family, or yourself. Or you want to use what you’ve been through to help others through a new career, business, or product. Basically, you’ve been through the ringer and are ready to come out on the other side, better, happier, and in your new normal world.


What’s included

Seven hours live coaching/consultation via phone or Skype or in person* taking place in one week-end day. (For live coaching, clients travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.) You’ll be provided a preliminary questionnaire and optional 30 minute strategy session to clarify goals and maximize success.


Unlimited email support for additional questions, clarification, or resources (links, downloads, etc.) for 30 days following the intensive session.

One 60-minute follow-up coaching session (within six months of Intensive)

A complimentary copy of my e-book Ten Things Children with Food Allergies Want You to Know, a guide for caregivers.

Purchase One Day Intensive Package Here 

Get started here: Secure your spot via PayPal. Email us (link to contact form) with three dates and times (Saturdays or Sundays) when you’re available for the intensive.



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