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Safe at School with Food Allergies Digital Course Most Popular!

It may be hard to imagine from where you are today, but you can regain your balance and enjoy your life. Even better, you can experience post-traumatic growth and recreate your life in a way that reflects what’s most important to you. I’ve done it in my own life and  watched my clients do the same.

Whether you need help managing food allergies, or you’re looking for more in your life: relationships, creativity or career, coaching can help!

Calm and Confidence: Purchase Six Session Package 

This package is for you if any of the following apply:

You’re not sure where to go next but know that there has to be more. We’ll follow the breadcrumbs to find your true priorities. Better health? Ideal weight? Intimate relationships? What would you truly love to do with your one wild and precious life.

You want expert guidance on creating a safe and inclusive environment for your child at school. We’ll work together to draft a 504 plan (or other accommodation plan) and I’ll share best practices to maximize your chances of success.

You’re experiencing parenting challenges and want to make sure that you are handing over the reins of food allergy management in an age-appropriate way, while making sure that there are enough layers of protection in place to a catch the inevitable mistakes.

You feel overwhelmed with your child’s food allergy diagnosis and want to enjoy your child, your family, and your life without constant fear.

You’re ready for more and want to start a business, write a book or become a coach yourself.  We’ll explore your interests and obstacles and create a plan for getting your unique talents out into the world.

What’s included:

Six hours of live one-on-one coaching or consultation by phone or Zoom. Unlimited email support for additional questions, clarification, or resources (links, downloads, etc.) through the duration of the package.

The six sessions can be done over the course of days, weeks or months for up to one year.

How to access: Click the link to purchase:  Purchase Six Session Package

Email [email protected] when you’re ready to schedule your first session and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Purchase Six Session Package

Safe at School with Food Allergies Digital Course – Best-selling

This online course takes you step-by-step through the entire process of advocating for your child. Go here to find out more including what satisfied clients have said.

Purchase Safe at School with Food Allergies Digital Course

Praise from a recent client:

We had our 504 meeting this afternoon with the principal, vice principal, nurse and [son]’s teacher.  It went very well and they agreed to all of our requests…

I feel really confident and relieved going into the school year now.  We have set the stage for his future at this school and the other schools within our district.  Thank you so much for all your guidance, support and advice.  We could not have gotten through this meeting as prepared and confident about what we wanted without you.

~ Helen Doster

Learn more: Safe at School with Food Allergies Digital Course

Questions: Email [email protected]



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