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You are an amazing woman and a divine inspiration! You are truly living in alignment with what the universe has intended for you to be doing with your life and making the world a better place in the process!

Thank you for your guidance and support!

- Gabby F.

It’s no surprise that Gina is the best known allergy mom in the country!  Her empathy, her ability to get in there and really feel with you is so healing. I was feeling better and even laughing within 15 minutes!

 - Michelle B.

I knew Gina knew what she was talking about. I could tell that she was confident in what she was saying and that her information was solid.  I liked that I walked away as if I had taken a big sigh of relief.  Like "I can do this."  "We will be OK."  "Allergies don't have to define my son."

- Jennifer H.


About Gina Clowes

Coach, Speaker, Author, Advocate

When Gina Clowes discovered that her son had multiple food allergies, she underwent a life-changing transformation.  “Until a food allergy becomes a part of one’s life, it is difficult to imagine how something so innocent can be such a threat.”


A go-getter by nature, she immediately began looking for resources to help her cope with her child’s food allergies.  She started a local support group and began volunteering with national non-profit groups.   Gina soon built a network of contacts ranging in interests from research to advocacy to recipes.  As she discovered new information, Gina would email substitution recipes to those interested, coping tips to others.  Eventually she streamlined her numerous lists into one network and created an online newsletter.  Combining her passion for the subject with her business experience as a Director of Client Relations, Gina founded AllergyMoms.com in 2006.


The AllergyMoms newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers worldwide includes physician authored articles, interviews, parenting tips, and allergy-friendly recipes, has been called “an invaluable resource for those learning to live with food allergies.”


Always in touch with the emotional aspects of food allergies in Gina wrote and published the inspirational, best-selling allergy children’s book, “One of the Gang: Nurturing the Souls of Children with Food Allergies”, achieving a 5-star rating from Amazon.com.


Gina is a monthly contributor at HealthCentral.com, and her advice and parenting tips have appeared in numerous print, radio and television features including ABC World News and People Magazine.   She participated in the food allergy documentary Sabrina’s Law along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and other international advocates.


Gina is the Chairperson of the Food Allergy Initiative’s Advocacy Steering Committee where she and her fellow committee members work to build a strong nationwide presence for the food allergy community with the ultimate goal of increased funding for food allergy research.


Gina most recently trained with “the best-known life coach in America,” New York Times bestseller and Oprah Magazine columnist Martha Beck, PhD.  Combining her expertise in the food allergy world with her empathy, insight and humor, she began formally coaching parents and caregivers in March 2010. 


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